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tv   [untitled]    July 4, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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it be medical or [inaudible]. we're basically trying to cover everything or as much as possible to educate the consumer and the provider. >> great. thank you. there are no other questions right now so will hear from all the applicantses for the seat and open up public comment. not yet. we will hear from the other applicants first. thank you mr. robi. thank you for your service on the authority. >> thank you. >> so next up is gustavo serina. >> good morning. my name is gustavo serina. i have served on the commission for aging and adult services for a number of years. i was the first openly gay president and as a consequence of serving on the commission i have been serving
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on the ihss governing body public authority. previously i was president of the eureka neighborhood association and president when we created the ping triangle park memorial, the first open air memorial in america to victims -- gay and lesbian victims of the nazi regime. i'm a founding board member and previous president of the castro market benefits district. i'm a founding member and vice president of the rainbow honor walk committee that installed 20 plaques along castro street to honor important lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender individuals and previously i had a 19 year career as bank of america ending as chief of staff to the head of global finance. >> great thank you so you have actually through the work on
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daas had a seat on the ihss authority? >> yes. >> how long had you have the seat on the authority now? >> eight years. >> so it's been a while so curious on things you have seen under your time on the authority. what are the things that you weighed in most where you had the most influence where you have seen the most important work achieved? >> i think both on the commission and on ihss i have played a part in raising awareness of the issues affecting members of the lgbt community as they age. many of those issues are unique. the generation that came before me for understandable reasons were quite closeted and as they get older and cultural sensitivity and the situations they have faced becomes very important. daas has done a wonderful job of addressing those issues and ihss is doing the same thing. >> great. so when it comes to
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the work of the authority and understanding the needs of lgbt aging population what do you see as the policy changes you have been aware of in that effort? >> one has been addressing the privacy issues so that people now are willing to disclose their sexual orientation. in the past we couldn't ask those questions but now we're able to ask people to volunteer that information, and we helped study that was recently completed under the leadership of supervisor wiener and campos to address issues in san francisco, help dispel many of the mitts exist that regard the financial situation of lgbt seniors. seniors in general suffer from social isolation as they get older and that particular problem affects the lgbt population, particularly the generation -- my generation and
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those that came before me because so many peers were killed during aids crisis so those situations are unique. we also face a large number of seniors who have been living for a long time managing aids and we don't know what issues they're going to face as they get older that are not typical of the senior population at large. >> very good. thank you. any other questions from the committee? no. we will go on to the next applicant, luis calderon. >> good morning commissioners. thank you for having me. my name is luis calderon. i serve at the public authority bill for now two terms. i will just try to intr some of your questions. one of the important role this
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committee for the new executive director for the public authority. this is the only second executive director for the public authority. i have also served in the committee to work with the union to represent the public authority and represent the voice of the consumers. in interest of what advocacies we could do to improve the ihss program and providers and addressing the needs for consumers [inaudible] and the changes coming from the state level. all the time sheet issues that have been going on and also to address the need for training for our providers and i think that was some of the most important roles that i have played in the last few years for the public authority. personally i have interest -- i have been working with advocacy for 20 something years. i was a
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former employee of the public authority, and i see the growth of our agency as a key element to educate the consumers to maintain the independent provider mode which is consumers have the right to hire and fire the providers that come into the home and making that choice where in other states and other situations that choice has been taken away so that's the -- i see that as my primary role to maintaining and reminding everyone of the point of having this particular mode of service, the independent provider mode is maintain the independence for consumers. >> thank you. i know there is a balance between the needs of consumers and also the rights of workers as well, and could you touch upon just how you want -- how you see that balance being worked out? for instance as
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mr. robi touched upon the providers having a sense of certainty about pay or about conditions, help to keep them engaged with their clients and having a long-term provider for each client, something that clients, consumers really want to maintain so what would you say are some of the main issues that are really going to affect the providers' experience that will actually enable the consumers to have a good experience as well? >> i think from the beginning of the public authority and and maybe before one of the biggest issues was enrolling and paying the providers in a timely manner and to this date it's still not being solved and it's a state issue. the state runs the whole payroll system for the in-home supportive services providers. most recently they have tried
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to make changes with direct deposits for checks but it still takes by the time the consumer and the provider make the agreement they have to request a packet. they have to send it to the county and then to the state and approved and they send it in and time to get paid takes three to four weeks or more. if there are mistakes in there the process is sent back to the consumer and provider to complete so sometimes it's over two months to get a paycheck and that's a huge concern because no provider can work for that long with that uncertainty. only providers that have multiple commissioners already getting a paycheck with have the luxury to wait and the last thing i would say in the interest of providers and raising wages and benefits has been a goal for the public authority and trying to improve the work force and that has shown to be successful but also
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giving the consumers the voice to say this is the work force we want to support, but also we need to main that independence and doing that is difficult and a matter of education and we have an input into the educational curriculum for providers and yes you're working for this consumer and getting paid by the state but the consumer maintaining the independence and doing what needs to be done and that's the balance we're trying to maintain and remind everyone that we have to do that. >> thank you. i appreciate your response. any other questions from the committee? seeing none we will go on to public comment. thank you. >> [inaudible] let them be. i mean it's all material things i mean pleasure for each individual choice oneself. it's
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material things. [inaudible] i mean [inaudible] human being. i mean [inaudible] government time or this money. let them be. [inaudible] let them be. don't waste our time and this discussion and [inaudible] congress and senate -- [inaudible] >> any other members of the public like to comment please come forward. >> hard act to follow but my name is patrick and i'm the executive assistance at the public authority to the ed kelly deerman and i wanted to add that kenzi and gustavo and luis served with distinction and
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have the support of the public authority and staff. thank you. >> thank you very much. and i really appreciate all of you being here to present and thank you for the service on the authority. we will make a decision now. supervisor cohen. >> thank you. i just wanted to go on record publicly thanking the gentlemen for the long service to san francisco. we are grateful to your service and i wanted to make a motion to move to the full board with a positive recommendation to place kenzi robi in seat five. gustavo serina in seat seven and luis calderon in seat 13. >> okay. >> second. >> second by supervisor tang and we will take that without objection. [gavel] thank you. okay. item number 7 please. >> item 7 is an ordinance amending the administrative code to establish the last 10 days of january each year as restaurant
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week and amending the health code to eliminate the department of public health restaurant appreciation month. >> thank you. i'm not sure if we have a presentation on this. i believe it's pretty civil explanatory. i am supportive of this change so let's go into public comment. any member of the public like to comment on item 7? >> [inaudible] >> okay. we will close public comment for lack of a commenter and colleagues we have this before us. supervisor tang. >> all right. so i would like to make a motion and we establish restaurant week from the last 10 days of january and eliminate the department of public health's restaurant appreciation month to align it with looks like the state and make a motion to move it forward with a positive recommendation from the full board. >> very good. motion by supervisor tang and second by supervisor cohen and we will take that without objection. [gavel] okay so i believe that is our last item. i would like to
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thank our clerk alisa somera for her work and sfgtv staff for broad casting today's meeting. we are adjourned. [gavel]
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